Castle Vrbičany

The Vrbičany Chateau, located near Lovosice, is a late Baroque building built between 1786-89 on the site of a medieval fortress.

The late Baroque chateau Vrbičany was built in the 18th century by František Kressel of Kvaltenberk, probably on the site of the original medieval fortress. The chateau is located near Lovosice.

After World War II, the castle was nationalized by the last owners, the Herberstein family, and an agricultural school was located there.

The dilapidated chateau was bought in 2011 by the Sempra Vrbičany company and began its reconstruction, which has been going on gradually ever since.

In the chateau you will find probably the largest exhibition of historical carriages in the Czech Republic (over 200 pieces) from the collections of Hanky Müllerová and Eva Vaněčková, as well as paintings and prints by the academic painter Vladimír Veselý.

In the castle park you can try panning for Czech garnets.

Since 2015, the chateau has been open to the public, and currently the premises are also used for cultural events.


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