Děčín Chateau

The dominant silhouette rises on a rocky promontory above the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Ploučnice. Its current form is the work of the leading aristocratic family of the Habsburg monarchy. During the 20th century, the Děčín chateau was the seat of several armies. The complex includes an extensive castle park and a baroque rose garden.

The Děčín chateau is an impressive guard of the Labe river valley and a romantic place surrounded by gardens and a park. For centuries, it has been attracting the attention of many famous people, from European royals to various artists. Today, the visitors can walk through the castle owner’s apartment, children’s rooms, and the representative lounges with some beautiful views.

The lovers of fine architecture will appreciate the beauty of the Baroque stables, castle gardens, including the Rose Garden, and the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. In the surrounding park, it is possible to find an interesting technical sight – the only chain bridge in the Czech Republic, preserved in its original location.

The Děčín Chateau is also a notable feature of the town skyline as it is built upon 51-metres high rock cliff above the junction of the rivers Labe and Ploučnice.


Zámek Děčín
Dlouhá jízda 1254
405 02 Děčín

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