Museum of Nostalgia - Terezín

The Museum of Nostalgia is located in the former bakery known as Kavalír II. In five exhibition rooms it presents products and products of human activity from 1945-1990.

You can visit the nostalgic barn, where you can see discarded products. Although they have outlived their purpose, their owners have not been able to part with them. Old, unfashionable, but still quality products have pride of place here. All under a heavy layer of straw, of course. The exhibition shows the way of living, where you can walk through a period apartment, there is also a period working piano, which you can even play. Worth mentioning is the nostalgic shop, which gives you the atmosphere of scarce goods. Today, however, its quality would surpass even many contemporary products. For technology lovers, there are cars, motorcycles or bicycles and plenty of other consumer and production equipment. For admirers of toys, strollers and dolls, a part of the exhibition space is reserved, so the whole family will really find something for themselves!

"We are a museum of memories and nostalgic returns. We are a time machine that takes you back to the youth of your parents and grandmothers."

Open every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 - 16:00
Note: Upon prior arrangement by phone, it is also possible to make a visit on a weekday in the afternoon.


Basic 50 CZK
Discounted 30 CZK
Family 120 CZK


Muzeum nostalgie - Terezín
Nové Kopisty Křižovatka 161

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+420 603 772 550


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