Starý Týn

The village was mentioned as early as the 11th century and until recently drew its wealth mainly from the cultivation of hops.

It lies on sloping terrain in the hilly landscape of the Central Highlands. The hill in the centre of the village is supplemented by several streets with a varied development of mostly two-storey farmhouses. There are numerous timbered and half-timbered houses, as well as whole-timbered buildings of a residential and farm character. The farmsteads are oriented with their gables towards the village square, the main building may be accompanied by a barter house. The site is now a local part of the town of Úštěk.

Starý Týn belongs to the Rural Monument Reserves of the Czech Republic. It is an area with preserved buildings of folk character, i.e. villages, workers' colonies or suburban districts with folk architecture. The preserved (or only minimally disturbed) urban structure of such an area is important. There are 61 village conservation areas in the Czech Republic. There are only three in the Ústí nad Labem Region and one of them is Starý Týn. Another village conservation reserve in the Bohemian Central Highlands is Zubrnice.


Úštěk - místní část Starý Týn

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