Today, a large village with a dominant Baroque church and chateau lies on a sloped terrain in a dinamic landscape of wooded hills at the foot of Mount Kalich with the ruins of Jan Žižka Castle.

In numerous alleys around the sloped village square, a relatively large number of ground-floor and multi-storey buildings with timbered and half-timbered elements have been preserved, in some cases even with a decorative pedestal or porch. There are also brick residential and farm buildings, which illustrate the character of the village with a previously rich agricultural background.

Třebušín is a very old municipality: already in 1169, Bleh from Třebušín ruled here - on the now completely extinct fortress.

Later, Třebušín belonged to the Johannites, the Býčkovice Command of the Teutonic Knights, the Vartemberks, the Dubanskýs of Dubany and the Hostákovskys of Arklebice, who built a fortress here, later rebuilt into a chateau. However, the history of the village is above all undoubtedly linked with the Hussite military leader Jan Žižka, who even built his castle Kalich on the hill above Třebušín. The locals commemorate the Hussite tradition every year at the beginning of July, when the "Hussite festivities" are held in Třebušín.

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