Velké Březno Chateau

The chateau is located in the village of Velké Březno, 8 km east of the center of Ústí nad Labem.

Velké Březno Chateau was built in 1843-1845 for the highest burgrave of the Czech Kingdom – Sir Karel Chotek – in the style of late Austrian Empire. It was rebuilt later in the style of romantic Neo-Renaissance. Žofie Chotková, the granddaughter of the chateau founder, also lived here. As the wife of the successor to the Habsburg throne Franz Ferdinand d'Este, she was shot dead with her husband during the Sarajevo assassination which lead to the World War I. 
The chateau is surrounded by beautiful Englihs landscape park with many rare trees and bushes. The interesting thing is that there is one more chateau in Velké Březno, that was built in the 16th century, and it is sometimes referred to as the older chateau or – thanks to its position – the downhill chateau. Currently, this old mansion is used as a home for seniors. 


Zámek Velké Březno
Zámecká 63
403 23 Velké Březno

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