Větruše - Ústí nad Labem

You can get to the Větruše château by cable transport from the Forum shopping complex in the centre of Ústí nad Labem.

Větruše is one of the most notable highlights of Ústí nad Labem town. It was built on the edge of Labe river valley, right under the Suchý Vrch hill by a knight named Labohoř in year 826 to protect the settlement from enemies. Today, Větruše is a popular trip destination.

Part of the main building is a restaurant with a terrace, a hotel, and a lookout tower. The tower offers a beautiful view of the Labe river valley and Ústí nad Labem town.

Other attractive points of this place are the natural maze and the mirror maze, as well as the children’s playground and sportsgrounds. Near Větruše, you can also find a medieval execution site and follow an educational trail to the underground of Ústí nad Labem.

At Větruše, you may also start following another educational trail called Větruše – Vrkoč with nine information boards. 


This is unique, as its two Swiss cabins cover a distance of 330m and an elevation gain of 50m as the only one in the Czech Republic without supports. The cable car departs directly from the Forum shopping center and leads in Větruše.


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Ústí nad Labem

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+420 475 271 700 (infocentrum města)
+420 474 620 330 (hotel)


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