Lobkowicz Chateau and Romanesque Castle

At the end of the 12th century, the Bishop of Prague had a Romanesque castle built on a rocky ridge above the river Elbe. It was enlarged during the Gothic period. In the 16th century, a Renaissance wing was added and later was the entire complex expanded even further.

In 1652-1684, under Václav Eusebius of Lobkowicz, the castle complex was rebuilt in the early Baroque style that has been preserved to this day. The castle consists of four wings around a spacious courtyard and the southern (entrance) side is divided by a massive tower. For many years the castle was the centre of the prosperous Lobkowicz estate. Since World War II it served as a barracks for the German and later Czech army. Until 2008, it housed a military music school. Nowadays, the castle belongs to the Lobkowicz family again and tours of part of the castle and the original Romanesque castle are available.

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The tour starts at the castle, entrance from Charles Square. The tour includes: the foundations of the original castle from the 12th century, the Lobkowicz Castle and its history, a presentation of the town and its surroundings, a tasting of the wines of the Lobkowicz Castle Winery (choice of red or white - 1 dcl sample) and an introduction to the winery and its history in Podřipsko.

Here are the current opening hours - including restrictions or closure of the tour circuit - for example on the days of events such as the Roudnice wine harvest or the Roudnice vintage and others.


Adults: 90 CZK
Seniors over 65 and students: 70 CZK
Children under 18 years: 70 CZK (without wine tasting)
Children under 6 years: free (without wine tasting)

Combined entrance fee

Admission includes a tour of the castle and the Romanesque castle tower Hlásku.

Adults: 120 CZK
Seniors over 65 and students: 90 CZK
Children under 18 years: 90 CZK (without wine tasting)
Children under 6 years: free (without wine tasting)


The ticket office for the tour of the castle and chateau can be found at thePodřipsko Information and Transport Centre (Arnoštova 88).

In case of interest, individual tours can be booked outside of the above dates. Contact: tel.: 412 871 148, 412 871 147, e-mail:, web:

For predefined tour dates, you can use the booking system - tour booking. The capacity of tours is limited


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