By train and ship around Central Bohemian Uplands

You will experience an extraordinary experience, not only for children, by riding one of the tourist trains or boats on Elbe.

During the tourist season - from April to October - you can use one of the tourist regional trains to travel around the Central Bohemian Uplands - they go on weekends and holidays or you can go on a boat trip on Elbe.

Tourist regional trains

T3 line – Zubrnická mobile railway museum - route Ústí nad Labem Střekov - Velké Březno - Zubrnice - Lovečkovice - Verneřice

U10 line - the former line T4 also known as Railway of the Plums - runs on the route Lovosice - Most. On this route, visitors will encounter the most modern regional railway in the country.

T5 line– Říp region nostalgic train - the route goes from Roudnice nad Labem through Straškov, Mšené Lázně, Budyně nad Ohří to Libochovice and back.

Ship routs

DÚK 901 - the ship sails in spring on weekends and in summer usually 4 - 5 times a week on the route - Ústí nad Labem - Dolní Zálezly - Libochovice - Velké Žernoseky - Lovosice - Litoměřice and back. The ship also offers a number of special cruises, and once a week sails to Roudnice nad Labem.

DÚK 902 - the ship sails on the route Ústí nad Labem - Děčín - Hřensko in April, depending on the water level, in May, and October on weekends and holidays.


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